January 27/2018

These puppies are all spoken for.

Puppies - 6.5 weeks


It's almost time for the puppies to go home! They are eating solid food and drinking water. They still get some milk from Ellen but should be completely weaned soon. They are paper trained now and we have started crate training. When it's cold they can only spend a few minutes outside but they love to play in the snow. Next week they will visit the vet for their first vaccination, microchip, and a check up. They will all go home freshly bathed with nails trimmed.

Puppies - 4 weeks


The puppies started on solid food this week (sort of). It is a blended combination of the dry dog food that they will go home on and puppy formula. They still get milk from mom as well. They are starting to play outside of the whelping box more and spend more time with our family. They will happily fall asleep being held, otherwise they sleep in a puppy pile with their siblings. 

Happy Valintine's Day From the Puppies


Puppies - 2.5 weeks


All of the puppies have opened their eyes and are beginning to walk and explore. They are like toddlers, very cute. They are still sleeping a lot but are enjoying cuddles and play time when they are awake. They all got their first collars today. I normally do this to tell them apart which we don't need this time but it will help them get used to wearing a collar. I plan to start brushing them this week and handling more.

Puppies - Day 11


We have had a great week with the pupppies. They still mostly eat and sleep but I have been handling them more yesturday and today. Ellen seems to be happy with me handling them as long as she is close by. The boy has started to stand up and try and walk and I am sure the girls will soon as well. The eyes should open any day now.

Puppies - Day 3


The puppies and Ellen are doing wonderfully. Mostly the puppies are just eating, sleeping, and being as cute as can be. They spend all of their waking time with mom and we are not handling them very often at this point as it is upsetting to Ellen. We can't wait to start cuddling and playing with them in about a week. Ellen has bounced back so fast, she already wants to play when her puppies sleep. 

Puppies - Day 1


Ellen had 4 beautiful puppies this morning. There are 3 girls and 1 boy. The boy is a beautiful deep red. There is no individual picture of him today because I can't get him to stop eating for long enough to take a picture. I expect him to end up the biggest in this litter. There is one cream girl, one apricot girl, and one red girl. They are all very similar in size weighing from 6 to 7 ozs.

Previous Litter

Update: All of the puppies from this litter have wonderful homes to go to. Thank you for all your interest in these little guys.

Puppies - Week 7


One more week to home time. It will be a busy week. The puppies will visit the vet this week to get their microchip, first vaccination and deworming. All the puppies will have a bath and get their nails trimmed. They will be ready to go home January 26th.The puppies changed a lot this week.

Black - Oliver

Red - Russell

Blue - Walter

Light Pink - Abbey

Light Purple - Bailey

Hot Pink - Moe

Dark Purple - Jace

Puppies - Week 4


The puppies changed a lot this week. They are spending more time playing and less time sleeping. They are teething and have started chewing on puppy teething rings. They eat mushy puppy food 3 times a day. They are super cute and really enjoy being held and playing with people as well as each other. We will start the process of picking puppies this week. A little later than usual because of the holidays.

Dark Purple - Biggest Boy

Black - Boy

Light Pink - Girl

Dark Pink - Girl

Blue - Boy

Purple - Boy

Red - Boy

Merry Christmas from the Puppies - Week 3


The puppies have had lots of visitors this week. We have begun socializing them and they are starting to enjoy being held, as long as they are fed. I gave them a small amount of formula this morning, they had a lot of fun with it and may have even eaten some. Mostly they played with it and licked it off each other. Next week they will start with their first mushy solid food. Also next week I hope to put their collars on and take individual photos. 

Puppies Week 2


This was an exciting week for the puppies. Earlier on in the week the puppies began to walk. Just like toddlers they were very clumsy but are getting better everyday. Yesterday the puppies opened their eyes. They are still spending most of the day sleeping or eating but we will start cuddling them more this week so that they start to become socialized.

The photos below are of 2 of the girls and 2 of the boys. The girls are nice and alert before a feed but the boys are a little sleepy because they just ate and are ready for a nap. Noramally we put collars on the puppies this week but these little ones are too small so we will have to wait until next week.

Puppies Day 3


The puppies are doing great. They spend all day either eating or sleeping in a big puppy pile. Ellen spends most of her time with the puppies but is starting to come out to spend time with her human family. She seems more comfortable with the puppies being handled but I am still limiting it as much as possible. 

Puppies Day 2

Puppies Day 1

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