December 8, 2021 Litter

Puppies - Week #6


The puppies are eating solid food and drinking water from a bowl. They are eating what they will eat once they go home, just a little more often and with some from mom as well. They are lots of fun and love to play now. They are going outside 4 times a day and doing well with the cold. They love to play with balls, just like there mom. She would play fetch all day every day if she could. Getting really close to home time, exciting! 

Puppy #1 - Blue Collar - Boy






Puppy #2 - Pink Collar - Girl









Puppy #3 - Purple Collar - Girl



                Jasper Cole






Puppy #4 - Bright Pink Collar - Girl         









Puppy #5 - Yellow Collar - Girl         









Puppy #6 - Red Collar - Boy






Puppy #7 - Green Collar - Boy






Puppies - Week #4


What a big week the puppies had. They learned to eat mushy food from a bowl, they had their first real bath, and continued on with grooming. They have started to enjoy playing and we have been introducing them to new toys. I used treats for this week's photo shoot to see how they would react. 

Puppy #1 - Blue Collar - Boy



Puppy #2 - Light Pink Collar - Girl



Puppy #3- Purple Collar - Girl



Puppy #4 - Bright Pink Collar - Girl



Puppy #5 - Yellow Collar - Girl



Puppy #6 - Red Collar - Boy



Puppy #7 -  Green Collar - Boy




Puppies - Week #2


Merry Christmas from the puppies. We are definately going with a Christmas theme for our photo shoot this week. I'm also starting with puppy #7 and working backwards. Just to change things up a bit. The puppies all have their eyes open. They are dark blue but will likely change colour in the coming weeks. They have started on their grooming schedule. I do the front nails one week and the back nails the next so they get used to it but don't get overwhelmed by having them all done at once. They will get there dewormer every other week starting this week and will get a bath around 4 weeks and right before home time. 

Puppy #7 -  Green Collar - Boy


This little guy is so snuggly, it was hard to get pictures. He just wanted to be held and he is so sweet it's hard not to put him down for the photo.


Puppy #6 - Red Collar - Boy


This boy was a little nervous for his photo shoot but settled right down with his tummy rub photos. His white marks are changing. He has more on his face. Super cute!

Puppy #5 - Yellow Collar - Girl


Still the smallest but she is feisty and holds her own with her siblings. We were giving her time alone with mom to make sure she got enough milk but she is growing well so have stopped.

Puppy #4 - Bright Pink Collar - Girl


This little girl is so photogenic, she made it easy to get photos. She's so sweet and calm. She even fell asleep towards the end. She has cute white markings on her chest and paws.

Puppy #2 - Light Pink Collar - Girl


This little girl is so curious. She might be the first to learn to walk. We'll see! She loved her tummy rubs a lot!

Puppy #1 - Blue Collar - Boy


The biggest boy and first born. He is gaining well but his brothers are catching up. I'm not sure he'll end up the biggest. His markings are super cute!

Puppies - Week #1


The puppies are doing great. They have all gained weight since their birth. They are too small for their collars but I have assigned the colors. For now I can tell them apart from their markings. Next week they will have their eyes open. Exciting to watch them grow. I will post video on my Facebook page.

Puppy #7 -  Green Collar - Boy


This was the last puppy born at 4:47 am. He has white markings like his brother but the one on his chest is smaller and he has a tiny mark on his chin. He was 9.8 ozs when he was born and is now 14.5 ozs. A little smaller than his brothers.

Puppies - Day 3


The puppies and mom are settling in well. They are all feeding well. We will gradually start to handle them more often now. They are spending most of their time sleeping or eatiing right now. They are super cute to watch.

Puppies - Day 1

August 19, 2020 Litter

Puppies - Week 7


I can't believe the puppies are 7 weeks today. We are going to miss their snuggles so much. They really want to be with us now which makes taking video and pictures tough. They just want to be held. They are eating regular puppy food and water now to get ready to go to their new homes. They love play time outside. Today is a big day as we will be going to the vet for their first vaccination and microchip. They will be getting their nails freshly clipped and a bath next week so they go home all fresh and ready to snuggle.

Puppy #1 - Red Collar - Murphy aka Charlie



Puppy #2 Pink Collar - Piper aka Sophie



Puppy # 3 Green Collar - Wendel aka Sam



Puppy # 4 Purple Collar - Charlie aka Henry



Puppy # 5 Yellow Collar - Izzy



Puppy # 6 Blue Collar - Oliver



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