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We are located in Guelph, Ontario. About 1 hour west of Toronto, 45 minutes North of Hamilton, and 45 minutes east of London, Ontario. Please feel free to text, call, or email me with any questions.


The purpose of the application is to ensure that people interested in adopting a puppy understand the commitment that comes with bringing a new puppy into the family.  Anyone interested in a puppy is required to fill in the application.

Goldendoodles make excellent family pets because they are very social dogs, they love to be around people and are eager to please their owners.  This along with their intelligence makes them easy to train.  They require a moderate amount of exercise and enjoy swimming, hiking, running, and walking with their families.  Goldendoodles do require grooming depending on the length of coat preferred and need to be brushed regularly.  

Adopting a new puppy means getting up in the night for the first few weeks while training the puppy to go outside.  Crate training is the best way to train your new puppy to go outside and to prevent chewing during the first few months when puppies like to chew.  Upon request crate training resources can be recommended. 

A 2 year health guarantee that comes with all puppies.  Goldendoodles are known as a hybrid cross and as such they are stronger and healthier than either the purebred poodle or the purebred golden retriever.  They generally outlive purebreeds with an average life expectancy of 15 years.  
F1 goldendoodles are recommended for families with mild allergies and F1B or F2 goldendoodles are recommended for families that have moderate to severe allergies.  However there are no guarantees regarding allergies.

Above facts are taken from to www.goldendoodles.com.



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